Matt Domin

Position: Team Principle

Also does: Driver

Real job: Runs classic car business

Matt has been obsessing about cars since he was a small boy and now spends his professional life obsessing about cars!

He likens organising the rest of the team to trying to herd marbles up…


Dr Mike McBride

Position: Driver

Also does:

Real job: Retired GP

Lives in Jersey and jets to the mainland to race, the life of a Bon Viveur! A complete petrol head, he owns 3 MGCs, used to own a ‘semi’ race E type, still owns a couple of hillclimb/sprint…


Paul Hill

Position: Driver

Also does: 

Real job: Dog Wrangler

Paul is a Geordie from the ‘Up North’ and has been involved with Aquila since his time at Uni in Denmark. He’s a passionate petrol head and loves everything to do with motortsport. He passed his ARDS in…


Tony Clark

Position: Driver

Also does:

Real job: Works for a huge pharmaceutical company

Tony joined us at the start of the 2014 season, new to circuit racing he had some ‘previous’ in hill climbing and sprinting and has now decided to do the right thing…


Paul Watson

Position: Special projects director

Also does: Driver

Real job: Classified!

Paul is the proud owner of the Aquila CR1 which he says he sort of bought by accident. Having raced Formula Ford in the 90′s he has competed in the OSS in our Aquila Synergy in 2015…

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Paige McAnearney

 Team Manager

Also does: Swinging Sixties Race Crew

Real job: Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover

Paige graduated from BCU in 2016 with a First in motorsport engineering.

She is involved this season with preparing and running the cars, throughout race weekends she works…


Adam Rowlandson


Position: Engineer

Also does: Driver

Real job: Design Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover

Adam was part of the Synergy design team. Having been involved with the project from the beginning he was  ideally placed to help us keep our rather tired prototype Synergy in race ready condition.…


Jordan Domin

Position: Public Relations

Also does: 

Real job: Copywriter/events coordinator

Jordan has spent too much time with her Dad and as a result has developed a healthy petrol head obsession. She runs her own creative agency and so is in charge of keeping our millions of…

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