Silverstone International 5/5/18

Swinging Sixties Round 2


The day started with a slight panic as the fire extinguisher in bluebell which had been fine at Snetterton and had also been checked between the races was showing as empty! So we needed to borrow one if possible before the car would pass scruteneering. Massive thanks to Richard Woss who kindly lent us the one from his car that unfortunately was unable to race due to an oil leak.

Qualifying was reasonable we managed 21st in the large 41 car grid, both Mike and Matt felt that the front of the car was bouncy and needed some damper adjustment for the race.

Matt was out first and took some places in the early part of the race, coming in for the driver change it looked like we could achieve another top ten finish. The team did a very quick stop, 8th fastest and quickest of the two driver cars. But then our luck ran out! As Mike left the pits and went round the first corner the car simply cut out and wouldn’t re start… Race over. Very disappointing for us all as the team had worked hard to get the car out and we looked like we had good pace. 

Posted May 13th, 2018

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