Brands Hatch 15/7/18

CSCC Future Classics round 4


Following the trek up to Oulton Park last month we were closer to home just over the bridge into Kent at one of our favourite circuits, Brands Hatch Indy. It’s not just a gave because of its location it’s also a great track to race on despite its relatively short lap. We arrived early Sunday and set up in the outer paddock. The car was running well in qually until Adam noticed the oil pressure light coming on. he came into the pits and we discussed the problem deciding to send Paul out to complete his required three laps to qualify at a slower pace with instruction to stop the car in the event of any issues.

Despite the light coming on the car was running well and we were of the opinion that it could be down to the very high temperatures on the day, it was comfortably over 33C and making the cooling system work over time. Or the pressure sensor on the engine as these can play up.

Ahead of the race we cut additional cooling vents in the front valance in front of the oil cooler and wired the cooling fan to be on constantly  However Adam who was taking the first stint decided that if the light came on constantly we would retire the car as, even though we were confident it was not a fundamental problem with the engine, no one wants to blow up their freshly rebuilt Porsche engine!

The race was red flagged on lap one following an incident at turn one (Paddock Hill Bend) involving two cars in the gravel one of which had rolled. We were later told that fortunately it sounded as though both drivers were uninjured. This involved a long wait during which the cars and drivers temperatures were rising and we were unable to get to the grid to help.

Unfortunatly within a lap or so of the re start the oil light was on again and Adam took the decision to retire the car, a big shame after the more successful debut at Oulton but not too surprising to have teething troubles with a new car.


Posted August 16th, 2018

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