The CR1 is designed and built in Denmark by Aquila Racing Cars International and is intended to offer an ‘affordable’ alternative to those wanting to go prototype/GT racing. Owned by Paul Watson it is eligible for several UK series including the BRSCC Open Sportscar Series, GT Cup and Britcar.

The car can be specified with either a BMW or Chevrolet V8 engine, ours is the ‘baby’ running a 4.0 BMW M60 producing 330bhp. The top spec Chevy LS7 powered cars can produce in excess of 700bhp!

In 2017 we were BRSCC Excool OSS class F champions.

For more information on Aquila Racing Cars call or email us or go here. Click  here to find out more about the Excool OSS Champoinship

Layout: MR

Engine: BMW M60 DOHC 32 valve V8

Capacity: 3982 cc

Power/Torque: 330bhp/420Nm

Transmission: 6spd sequential transaxle

Driver: Paul Watson/Matt Domin

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