Rockingham 12/7/15

Swinging Sixties Round 4

Not quite the result we were expecting at Rockingham on Sunday. Mike had a good qualifying session which would have put him 18th on the grid and with the potential for 3rd or 2nd in class however a small under bonnet fire as he stopped the engine in the paddock after the session meant that it was game over for the day. We believe that the car misfired as it was turned off and ‘coughed’ back through one of the carbs, 99% of the time this would be the end of it but in this instance the fuel vapour caught fire and didn’t go out! Fortunately not too much damage, the carbs have been barbecued a bit and will need to be stripped and inspected but no body damage. We will have to take the seat etc out and clean up the inside of the car as the fire extinguisher was deployed and it goes into the engine bay and the inside of the car!

Scruffy Motorsport's photo.
Posted July 12th, 2015

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