Van Diemen Buick

Layout: MR

Engine: V8

Capacity: 4000 cc

Power/Torque: 280bhp/?

Transmission: 5 speed

Drivers: Matt Domin/Paul Hill/Paul Watson



The Van Diemen Mutisport were built in the late 80s for Brands Hatch Leisure and run as a one make sports prototype series The cars were powered by the Ford CVH engine usually found under the bonnet of an Escort XR3. Over the years they have been modified for trackdays, hillclimbing and other race series with many having bike engines fitted.


Our car has been fitted with a 4litre V8 built by JE engineering to produce around 280bhp. We bought because it makes a great noise and it’s as close to owning a Can Am car as we will ever get!

Posted April 17th, 2022

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