BMW 328 Sport

Layout: FR

Engine: BMW 24 valve straight 6

Capacity: 2800cc

Power/Torque: 193bhp/tbc

Transmission: 5 speed

Driver: Everyone!

Our faithful track day hack! We’ve had this car for a while now and it seemed about time that is had it’s own ‘bit’ on the website! Our plan was to use it as a bargain basement track day car.

It’s a 1997 E36 328 Sport, we bought this after having a load of fun in Steve’s old 320 which was a great car but lacked a little in the performance department. This was spotted on ebay as an ideal candidate for a track day car as the previous owner had started to strip it out for track use and then lost interest.

We completed the removal of the unnecessary bits (interior, aircon, half the wiring loom etc) which bought the weight of the car down to 1150kg and then fitted a GRP bonnet (old one was knackered) along with Brembo front discs, Hawk pads all round, the cheapest coilovers in the world (ebay again) a set of Yokohama 048s and a pair of out of date race seats and harnesses.

Whenever we go testing or just need to let off steam we take this along to a circuit where it is happy to do 300 miles in a day at full chat! The combination of good handling and not too much power means that anyone can get into the car and enjoy themselves without it wanting to bite them, we’ve had friends and customers come along who have no track experience and have been able to get out on the circuit and have fun while the more experienced drivers still find it a great car to drive.

Posted November 19th, 2010

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