Radical Clubsport

Layout: MR

Engine: Kawasaki/RPE

Capacity: 1100cc

Power/Torque: 140/tbc

Transmission: Kawasaki 6spd sequential

Driver: Paul Hill

After a season in the OSS driving ‘Charlie’ our Synergy Paul decided he was ready for some new challenges. The first of these was getting hold of a car that would be eligible and competitive for the OSS on a fairly limited budget! We identified the Clubsport as offering the most ‘bangs for your buck’ and went shopping for a suitable car. This one has been away from the circuit for a few years and needs some recommissioning ahead of the season but we are confident we can turn it out as a reliable and competitive car for Paul to hone his craft! With its original RPE dry sumped engine producing circa 140bhp in a car weighing a little over 400kg it will be a rapid bit of kit!

Posted January 25th, 2017

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